How long does the pre-authorization take to be released after making the block for guarantee ?

  •  - Normally as per the bank policy it takes 14 to 21 working days from the date of pre-authorization.

Am I allowed to drive 4x4 to the desert ?

  • - Desert driving requires special insurance and Desert modified vehicle for safety reasons. Our insurance does not cover any off road accidents

Do you have someone in case of emergency cases ?

  • - Yes we have our 24/7 roadside assistance and breakdown service. Mobile 77995666.

If I return the vehicle early will I receive a refund for unused days ?

  • Unfortunately, no refunds are given if the vehicle is returned, the remaining amount would be carried to the client can use for rent any time.

Can we request a certain type of car ?

  • Unfortunately, we can never guarantee the make or model of any vehicle, this is why we do state it would be that vehicle or similar.

What is the minimum period of rental ?

  • - Every 24 hours, or any part of 24 hours is considered a day.
  • - There is a one day minimum charge for all rentals.
  • A delay of up to 59 minutes is acceptable.
  • - In case of 60 minutes or longer delay the daily or extra day charge will be applied.
  • - Rentals returned after due date without prior arrangements will be charged for extra time period.

Do you have mileage restriction ?

  • - Yes, especially for luxury vehicles. Additional charge will apply.

Do you charge additional driver ?

  • - First & Second driver is free but adding a third driver is 10qr per day.

Can I rent a car if I don’t have credit card ?

  • - Yes you can, please call our Supervisor on +974-33101810 to discuss your options.