Suzuki Swift Economic Vehicles

Vehicle Details And Specifications

Starting From QAR 90

 When looking to rent a smaller vehicle the Suzuki Swift can be an ideal option. Among the Ford vehicles in the STRONG RENT A CAR  fleet, the Fiesta is the highest ranking, most popular model of its kind. Both critics and STRONG RENT A CAR customers agree that the Suzuki Swift is hard to beat when it comes to gas mileage, high-tech features, and handling the road.

 5 Seats  1.2 L  AUX
 Automatic  Aircondition    
 4 Doors  Air Bag    


Renting a car can sometimes be a challenge when searching for a compact that provides enough room to comfortably transport your belongings and gives you the right amount of head and leg room. The designers behind the Suzuki Swift have mastered this balance perfectly. Here are just a few benefits of the Suzuki Swift :

  • Adequate Power: The four-cylinder engine gives drivers the power they need from a STRONG car rental in every situation they may face on any leg of the journey.
  • Fun Factor: This zippy STRONG car rental offers a new kind of driving experience that travelers do not get when driving larger cars or sedans.
  • A Car You Can Count On: The Ford Fiesta performance can hardly be exceeded, they are extremely reliable, and the features, even on baseline cars, are well above what one might expect.


STRONG RENT A CAR offers its affordable and top quality car rental services in QATAR. Visit our website to browse the latest deals and discounts and find the vehicle availability of your selection in your chosen location. Making a reservation in advance is recommend, either online or by directly contacting our team. When you prearrange you can take advantage of our significant prepay discount. Please note STRONG RENT A CAR cannot guarantee your reservation for a Suzuki Swift however, we can guarantee your booking for an equivalent rent a car in the same category.


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