Lexus Lx 570s Luxury Vehicles

Vehicle Details And Specifications

Starting From QAR 1,400

With Lexus LX 570 car hire from STRONG RENT A CAR you can drive around in the utmost of style. A 4x4 boasting impeccable taste in design, the Lexus LX 570 has broken the mould in regards to its chassis and interior. The seamless exterior combines tasteful manufacturing with carefully selected colouring meaning when you rent Lexus LX 570, you will command envious eyes on every road.

 5 Seats  5.7 L  AUX
 Automatic  Aircondition    
 5 Doors  Air Bag    


  • Adaptable: This car is designed to handle some of the toughest and most unpredictable terrain so whether you are negotiating gridlock in a concrete jungle or meandering country roads and hillside, the Lexus LX 570 will not let you down.  
  • High performance: Lexus LX 570 car hire will mean you can enjoy the use of an 8 speed gearbox offering a potential of 130 mph. Parallel sequential turbocharging delivers an immense response level throughout the rev Lexus LX 570 and an intelligent stop/start system can be enjoyed with Lexus LX 570 car hire. 
  • Efficiency: With a large 18 gallon engine, refuelling will be a rare occurrence and you can travel in complete safety with the installation of ABS air lock brakes.  
  • Attractive Interior: The Lexus LX 570 also boasts real wood veneers and chrome instruments as well as a very generous proportion of moving space inside the car.


Oxford leather interior ensures complete comfort in a luxuriously crafted car and when you hire Lexus LX 570, you can enjoy the benefits of temperature controlled seating. Please note that STRONG RENT A CAR cannot guarantee the availability of Lexus LX 570, however you will be provided with an equivalent vehicle from within the same car rental category.

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